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Geometric Wall Decals from Red Candy

Red Candy

19 Jul 2018

Need some inspiration for decorating your walls? Red Candy’s new geometric wall decals will make a statement in any room in the house.   

Give your walls some Mexican flair, with the Geometric Frida Kahlo wall decor. This beautifully designed piece takes direct inspiration from one of Frida’s most famous self-portraits and has been recreated in high-quality steel. The piece features an incredible geometric recreation of Frida’s iconic face and floral headpiece.

The Geometric Frida Kahlo is available in 2 sizes and would make a beautiful addition to the bedroom, hallways or workspace of any creative person. It’s striking decoration, bang on trend for 2018 and set to surely inspire.

Never before has the macabre looks so marvellous as with this Geometric Skull wall decor! Using skulls to decorate a home may be a bone of contention amongst some, but if you’re anything like us and try to look on the humerus side of life then this ghoulish great should be right up your street! Made by Turkish metalwork specialists Hoagard, the Geometric Skull is CNC cut out of 1.5mm metal sheet, and quickly mounts to your choice of wall with just one nail or screw. The Skull hangs 15mm from the wall creating a shadow behind it, which creates a captivating floating effect. Available in 2 different sizes, from 52cm tall up to a whopping 90cm, the metal Geometric Skull makes the perfect finishing touch to any quirky home interior.

Get ready adventurers! See the world without leaving the comfort of your own home with the awesome Geometric World Map! This striking metal-frame world map is one for sightseers and explorers at heart, and has a modern and unique look that will always catch the eye of you and your guests. A perfect reminder of the places already seen, and roads still left to travel! With its straight lines and minimalist design, this world map wall decor would make a fab fit for any office space or living area. The product comes in two separate pieces which are easily mountable. All it takes is a couple of nails!

Geometric Frida Kahlo (medium): £75
Geometric Skull (medium): £50
Geometric World Map (small/medium): £85/£150

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