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Tom Raffield Launches Exclusive New Ebonised Light...

Tom Raffield

24 Sep 2018

The Tom Raffield Noctis Range: Our iconic designs reimagined. 

A nod to the modern interior trend of using masculine, darker tones, Tom Raffield’s Noctis Range shows confidence in bold, definitive silhouettes. The brand-new lighting collection features seven ebonised versions of Tom Raffield’s most iconic lighting designs and promises to bring daring, darker depths to interiors.
 Must-see products include the new Noctis Urchin Cluster - a customisable multi-pendant chandelier that allows each ebonised light shade to be suspended at a different height to create a show stopping configuration - and the unique, ebonised No.1 Giant Pendant, Tom Raffield’s first ever design reimagined.

“The Noctis Range sees our most iconic lights take on a whole new aesthetic. We’ve ebonised the steam bent wood to give a sleek, darkened effect that contrasts incredibly well with metallic brass. The final designs are luxurious, unique and symbolise an exciting next step for the br­and”.

- Founder, Tom Raffield. 

The new collection includes:
Noctis Urchin Small Cluster
Three ebonised Noctis Urchin Pendants cascade from a sleek, spun metal top plate creating warm slithers of bright light in the dark. An elegant, customisable design that invites personalisation.
 Noctis Kern Pendant
Demanding precision, strength and craftsmanship to achieve its smooth circumference, the result is modern, architectural, powerful. With exposed flex tethering five bulbs to its ebonised oak frame, the Kern ensures your space is remembered.
Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant
Handcrafted into the most intricate of sculptural spheres, the Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant strikes a balance of timeless grace and ebonised, architectural design in every twist and turn.
Noctis Giant Flock Chandelier
Steam bent curlicues of ebonised tulip wood and twists of opulent, golden brass circle together. Illuminated by three warm-toned filament bulbs, each intricate piece is in constant motion. A weightless rotation, an exhibition of eye-catching, elegant beauty.
Noctis Wheal Range
An alluring contrast of deep black and lustrous, polished metal. Modern. Refined. Enticing. The Noctis Wheal Range puts the lustre back in illumination and brings sophistication into any space.

The Noctis Range launches on Friday 12th October and is avaliable to purchase from Tom Raffield online -

Cooking with consonants at White Black Grey

White Black Grey

24 Sep 2018

For a cool and contemporary interior style, go minimal with White Black Grey’s typographic kitchen and serveware collection!

As their name implies, White Black Grey are firmly of the ‘less is more’ school of thought. This signature collection sticks to a strict monochromatic palette, making it easy to slot into most interiors. The defining feature of this range is the focus on font, the iconic 'AJ Vintage ABC' font by Arne Jacobsen. Arne Considered one of the grandfathers of modern Danish furniture, Arne Jacobsen fashioned minimalist Danish style. While Jacobsen was also a successful architect, he is best remembered for his simple, yet elegant and functional chair designs and in the graphics world for his sharp san serif typefaces.

Give your dining table some cubic cool with the S for Salt Shaker and P for Pepper Grinder. Finished in contrasting colours, the innovative square design gives these condiment containers the edge on traditional rounded designs.

For a stylish cut, get yourself B for Bread Board which is suitable for chopping and serving. This tasteful, modern chopping board features a large letter 'B' on one side, and the word 'Bread' on the other.

The Typographic Tea Towel is the perfect drying cloth for font fanatics. It features a black alphabet on a white background laid out in pleasing diagonal lines, giving striking sink side style.  

1. P for Pepper Grinder: £28
2.  S for Salt Shaker: £28
3. Typographic Tea Towel: £10
4.  B For Bread Board: £34

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